Elite Chemical Industries popular brands of products are:


Resins and clear casting resins which can be used to create unique resin art.


Elite Chemical Industries offers Pipe Repair Bandages for fast action emergency pipe repair systems that stop leaks instantly.

  • Eli-Wrap50 – Pipe Repair Kit – 50 meters x 3.6mm
  • Eli-Wrap100 – Pipe Repair Kit – 100 meters x 3.6mm


Crusher Backing Resins
Epoxy & Polyurethane Resin Systems used in Mining and Quarrying for Crushers.
Typical Systems: FR966D  /  FR 1009  /  FR867  /  FR453/974B


Electro Insulating Resins
Casting Resins are used mainly in the Electro, Electronic market.
Typical Systems: FR453  /  FR476  /  FR766  /  FR64  /  FR677  /  FR966D  /  FR707F  /  FR974C1  /  FR480


Structural Adhesive – Laminating Resins
General Purpose adhesives are used in General Engineering and in Mining applications.
Typical Systems: FR1000A  /  FR166  /  FR606FS  /  FR961TAFN  /  FR961  /  FR964  /  FR972HT  /  FR 961TA  /  FR961B


Wear Resistant Mortars
Cost-effective Abrasion Resistant compounds, Gel Coats used in the Mining and Quarrying market.
Typical Systems: FR1008D  /  FR1008HT3  /  FR1010  /  FR1013  /  FR985  /  FR1011  /  FR1008D1  /  FR1012LV


Epoxy Concrete Grouting compounds | Epoxy Metal Filling Putties | Epoxy Repair Systems.
Systems used in the Repair and Maintenance in the General Engineering and Mining market.
Typical Systems: FR179  /  FR308  /  FR517FII  /  FR955  /  FR983  /  FR986  /  FR912  /  FR 917A


Rubber Repair System
Used in Mining and General Engineering applications.
Typical Systems: FR70L  /  FR70P  /  FR71  /  FR1510


Flame Retardant Resins
Mainly used in PCB Encapsulation and Electronic components – Transformers and Switchgear.
Typical Systems: FR974F1  /  FR859LV  /  FR707H1


Vacuum Forming System
Typical Systems: FR902S  /  FR902F  /  FR1009/779